Our Services

Our services fall under three main categories

Teaching and Learning

As per our Teaching and Learning initiative, we conduct Workshops and Trainings to help developers learn to develop mobile apps.
We are available as a Speaker at Conferences and Events
We have run Workshops and are available to offer the same.
We are available for online training and mentor-ship


We help develop apps as per your specifications that can be then deployed internally for your organisation or sold on the App Store. We undertake the entire process of development and produce an applications based on your specifications. It is of utmost importance therefore that you have your specifications right. Even if you are not 100% clear, we can help you with the iterative process.

Some of our clients do not have a clear scope when they start and we help these clients to formulate their ideas into a clear scope using iterative development processes as we proceed.


We help you with making an informed decision on integrating your business and mobile development. We help you understand where mobile technology sits with your specific business and the ways that it can help increase customers or sales or simply help improve market penetration.

Other Areas of Expertise

* Enterprise apps mainly DMS (Dealer Management Systems), Inventory Management and Sales.
* Data Analysis and Data Visualization to spot trends and patterns.
* Enterprise Applications
* Customer Relation Management (CRM)
* Salesforce Automation / Tracking

If you are unsure on the use of a Mobile App in your business, get in touch with us, let us help you determine the use of Mobile Apps for your business or have an Idea for an App? you can also get in touch with us and we will help you determine the viability of the app idea and quote you for the development.

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